Pain Management

Pain relief is one of the top reasons that people seek medical attention. Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting longer than 12 weeks and though conventional treatment options such as medication and surgery can treat pain, they may come with unwanted side effects and lengthy recovery periods. Fortunately, both chronic and acute pain can be effectively treated with naturopathic medicine.

At Lifetime Healthcare and Medical, we believe in treating pain by identifying and effectively treating your underlying condition, not simply suppressing the symptoms. Our treatment focuses not only on addressing your physical pain, but your total health including your physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing.

Naturopathic treatments have been used for centuries in pain management and have proven effective in restoring balance to your central nervous system and reducing inflammation throughout the body. Common naturopathic treatments include acupuncture, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, meditation training, lifestyle counseling, and chiropractic care.

We will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that takes into account your individual needs. Our care is comprehensive and patient-centered. We are always happy to work alongside your other healthcare team professionals to ensure you are receiving the best treatment possible.

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